Hi! My name is Sumaya

Telling stories through photographs is kinda my thing! I’ve been into photography for as long as I can remember but I was never planning to become a photographer until I had my engagement/wedding photos taken! I fell in love with the process and memories that were made. I knew that I also wanted to be the reason that people remembered their special moments. My husband bought me my first ever camera back in 2018 but Sumaya Photography started in 2019. 

I wish I could pause time so I take photographs instead! I’m passionate about photography because it is an everlasting memory of your life. For me, photography is about capturing a memory that allows you to relive your beautiful moments and pass them down to future generations which is why photographs are so special. It would an honor to be the one to capture your beautiful moment.

I am a full-time student at York University. Where I study Computer Science. During the week Ill be studying and then on weekends is where I’ll be happiest-photographing your special moments. 

Some Fun Facts About Me

I'm married to my best friend, Abdullah!
I love traveling to beautiful places
My favorite takeout is Sushi
I love a good cup of coffee!
My perfect day would be having a picnic at the beach
I am a fur mom to my cat, Biscuit!
I spend my free time reading books
I'm Middle Eastern

I'd love to get to know you!